Many pages have been written about the cars for adults. There is not even a single place in the history of motor cars that has not been explored yet. Today, we know all about everything: inventions, failures and mysteries. However, there is only little information about children and their lives with cars, whether in the past or today.

One has only a vague idea of all the adventures and fates of toy cars for children. There are, though, innocent and beautiful stories weaved throughout many kilometres pedalled by small enthusiasts. These stories have been put together exerting much greater effort than just pressing the accelerator pedal in the adults’ cars.

The time has finally come to present these forgotten stories to the world...
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PEDAL PLANET is one of the largest collections of pedal cars in the world. This unique, and somewhat crazy, idea of ​​the group of enthusiasts became a reality in the summer of 2019, when the first gallery of these beautiful toys was opened in Slovakia in the High Tatras. Its reception by the public exceeded all modest expectations, thus the pedal cars ran into the world. Another installation was opened in the Košice shopping centre, followed by a display in the Museum of Trenčín, in the castle. The pedal cars also visited Bratislava Motor Show. So, in October 2020, the decision was made to establish the PEDAL PLANET Museum in the heart of Europe - in Prague.

Although, difficult circumstances, due to the pandemic and numerous restrictions, slowed us down, they could not stop us. From the 1st June, 2021, you can explore a selection of more than a hundred exclusive pieces in the new PEDAL PLANET Museum in Prague. We invite you to visit the beautiful world of small cars, a place where even adults can fulfil their childhood dreams...

The PEDAL PLANET Museum is in Cihelná ulice (located in the area of ​​Herget' Brickworks) in Prague's Kampa, near Charles Bridge.

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Cihelná 2, 118 00 PragueCZ

Telephone reservation:
+420 725 947 438
Booking by e-mail:

Opening hours:
Mon - Tue: closed
Wed - Sun: 12:00-17:30
Basic price list:

adults: 250 CZK
 • students: 180 CZK
 • pensioners: 180 CZK
 • children (4-15 y): 130 CZK
 • children under 4y: free

Discount packages:

 • Family 2+2: 600 CZK
 • Family 2+1: 530 CZK
 • Family 1+2: 450 CZK
 • Group (10+): -10%/person
 • Schools (10+): 100 CZK / child
    * pedagogical supervision for every 10 children free

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You can find us on Facebook:

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More than 120 pedal car gems from the Pedal Planet collection can be found in Slovakia in the High Tatras:

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